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  • Jim Putnam

Whiteboard Topics: 5 Surprises about Lake Real Estate


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Whiteboard Topics: 5 Surprises about Lake Real Estate

What seems unusual to the average home buyer/seller may be completely normal in the lake real estate market. Lake Homes Realty’s CEO, Glenn Phillips, shares five surprises about lake real estate you should be prepared for.

  1. > 50% Cash Deals: More than 50% of lake home transactions are cash deals. This happens because those who are purchasing lake homes can afford

  2. Multiple Lakes: Buyers aren’t looking at one lake, so it’s important to price your home to compete with those out-of-town locations.

  3. Leading and Trailing Markets: The lake market is always changing within itself. Popular locations will get hot first, but the surrounding lake homes will find their way up in demand.

  4. AVMs Struggle: It’s best to avoid using online tools when finding the price value of your home because they can be extremely inaccurate when measuring lake properties.

  5. Land and Location: The location of a home can have a big effect on its price. Buyers have to remember, they are not just paying for the property, but also the land it resides on.

The lake real estate market is unique and plays by rules that don’t apply to the average market. Understanding why the lake market moves the way it does will help you avoid getting surprised!


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